JUL/14 My wedding photography is an eclectic genre of “bang-bang in-your-face” photo journalism. Interview in Fearless Photographers »»»

JUN/14 Picturing Politics, in which I freely air my opinions on Indian photography and politics (Tasveer Journal) »»»

JUN/14 The Slumdog Millionaire Architect / Story in the New York Times Magazine about Indian 'starchitecht', Hafeez Contractor. »»»

JUN/14 IndiaComesTogether.com is my ode to the spirit of Indian diversity »»»

MAY/14 Masala Dosa to Die For / The New York Times Magazine story that went viral and how! »»»

JAN/14 Falling in Love with Bangalore in the The Ritz-Carlton Magazine. Story by Fiona Caulfield. Photos by me »»»

NOV/13 The Sunday Times Magazine writes about Matrimania in their print and online editions »»»

SEP/13 My new artist book That Universal Curiosity gets shortlisted at the Unpublished Dummy Awards, AMSTERDAM »»»

JUL/13 Bangalore Weekend of Photobooks got written about here. And here too.

APR/13 FOAM Magazine #34 (Dummy) recreates Caerdydd Diary for posterity »»»

MAR/13 One of the Photographers You Should Know says Rangefinder (USA) »»»